12 Handouts of Christmas

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At Midway our goal is to help strengthen the Human-Animal Bond through compassionate care, consistent client communication and education, and highest end medicine and surgery. We are proud to serve you and your pets.

It is always a a good idea to be learning about your pet’s health. So many conditions and diseases can be avoided or easlily controlled with a little bit of knowledge. We have compiled these handouts to highlight duruing this holiday season. Click on the links and learn a little!

The 12 Handouts of Christmas

The 12 Handouts of Christmas


Holiday HazardsBum Scootin’ BoogieBoarding TipsKennel CoughVomiting CatEar InfectionsPost Surgical CareMiserable ItchBudgeting EmergenciesPhone Consult DangersUrine Luck!Annual Examsholiday_hazards-AJF1.pdfanal_glands-AJF.pdfboarding-AJF.pdfbordetella-AJF.pdfcat_vomit-AJF.pdfear_infections.pdfhome_care.pdfmiserable_itch-AJF.pdfpayments-AJF.pdfphoning_it_in-AJF.pdfurine_luck-AJF.pdfannual_exam.pdf